Themed Zones

Seedling Research

Exhibitor: Seed Improvement and Propagation Station of Council of Agriculture Activities: In recent years, the government has been promoting the “Grand Granary” project. This exhibition zone uses the theme of “Grand Granary Logistics Special Force” and demonstrates the efforts and results of the “Seed Improvement and Propagation Station” on grains and crops such as soybean, corn and sorghum. The exhibition includes improved breeding systems, seed modulating warehousing, testing of genetically modified crops, seed quality inspection, protection of plant variety rights, promotion and counseling for top-quality seeds and advocacy of food and farming education.

Shan-Cheng Agritourism and Agricultural Products Exhibition

Exhibitor: Farmers’ associations and leisure and agriculture zones of various districts in Shan-Cheng Activities: Showing the unique agriculture and high-quality products from Shan-Cheng of Taichung, so that visitors can have the opportunity to talk with farmers, experience the natural scenery of various leisure and agricultural zones, and enjoy the rural farming life of Taichung.

Lady’s Slipper Orchid Pavilion

Exhibitor: Seed Improvement and Propagation Station of Council of Agriculture Activities: Lady’s Slipper orchid is loved by all for its various and unique patterns and colors. This pavilion shows natural forests as the background and rebuilds the growth environment and displays several types of native orchids. Photos and descriptions are used to introduce the flower structure of Lady’s Slipper orchid, and many potted flowers designed by floral art instructors are also on display. A “Lady’s Slipper Orchid Tour Exhibition” co-organized by the host and Taiwan Paphiopedilum Society for the first week of the event showcased more than a hundred potted Lady’s Slipper orchid in various appearances that participated in Shin-She’s Sea of Flowers contest. Visitors will be able to witness and appreciate the endangered and rare flowers from a close range.

Kinmen Agricultural Products Exhibition

Exhibitors: Kinmen County Government and Farmers’ Association Activities: You will not have to visit Kinmen in person to understand Kinmen’s sorghum liquor industry. The venue shows the history of sorghum planting, the processes of cultivation and liquor making and also has a large inflatable balloon in the shape of a sorghum liquor bottle. During the weekends, all you can drink cocktail and promotion of Kinmen’s liquor are available so visitors can also understand the importance of growing sorghum seeds to Kinmen’s liquor industry. At the same time, various sightseeing and scenic spots and specialty agricultural products, such as Lesser Kinmen’s tapioca, Moghania root, pickled cabbage and black garlic, are also introduced in the venue. Other activities: Promotion for specialty agricultural products is run every weekend or holiday. The other days will mainly have the exhibition and regular product sales.

Forest School

Exhibitor: Dongshi Forest Administration Office of Forestry Bureau, Council of Agriculture Activities: Take you to relive the relaxed and interesting student life. The classroom has several forest protection tree species and explains their characteristics and functionality. There are also special reports and equipment displays of forest warriors shown at the venue, so visitors can understand those who work behind the scene in Taiwan’s forest protection. At 10:00, 11:00, 14:00 and 15:00 everyday, experts conduct classes to teach knowledge on forestry. Each session lasts 15 minutes. Fun pop quizzes are held in classes and winners will receive a gift. Descriptions: During the exhibition event, four sessions of classes on forest education are held everyday. Each session lasts 15 minutes. Fun pop quizzes are held in classes and winners will receive a gift. Schedule: At 10:00, 11:00, 14:00 and 15:00 everyday between 2018/12/1 and 12/16.


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