Pears Homeland


Located in Chungke Village, Dongshi District, Pears Homeland is a new leisure agricultural area under the guidance of Taichung City Government, and the hardware and software facilities in this place are integrated and promoted by the farmers’ association. Organized by local residents, this place aims at promoting local agriculture, scenic views, and art and crafts. From every November to February of the next year, it is the period for grafting sand pears, and these juicy pears can be seen on the trees in early summer as a magnificent vision. In addition, other fruits are planted in this place like tangerine, persimmon, and plum. Pears Homeland is not only famous for excellent agriculture production, but it is also popular for orchid and coffee. There are some art and crafts provided by local residents for visitors to make a DIY product for fun like ceramics, wood art, lacquer art, and dyeing.

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