Shishuike Leisure Agricultural Area


Shishuike Leisure Agricultural Area, which includes Jiufang village, Golden Star village, and Zhongzheng village, has many famous tourist attractions like the longest bridge, Lovers Wooden Bridge, Wufulinmen Sacred Tree, and a botanical garden. Located beside Lovers Wooden Bridge, Slong Coffee in the square is a significant landmark in this agricultural area. When you are available, you can come here, order a cup of coffee, watch the beautiful scenery, and enjoy your leisure time in Shishuike Leisure Agricultural Area. A tributary of the Dajia River, the Shishuike River is used for providing water for drinking and irrigating the crops. In the river, there are many types of aquatic plants, fishes, and shrimp. With abundant resources about creatures in the river, this area is like an eco classroom for people to experience nature. Lovers Wooden Bridge is 40 meters long and 3.5 meters wide across the Shishuike River. The most special feature of the bridge is that it does not have any bridge pier to support it. Made of logs imported from North America, this bridge is established under the guidance of American technicians. It is the first time in Taiwan to build a wooden bridge which can resist a magnitude 7 earthquake, and this bridge is also the longest wooden bridge in the Far East. At the entrance, you can see the shopping street. The viewing platform in the square and the biggest watermill are also located nearby. Operated by Shigang Farmers’ Association and beside Lovers Wooden Bridge, Slong Coffee is decorated with blue and white as a place with the Mediterranean style that can make people feel comfortable at first sight. Dongfeng Bicycle Greenway, the first bikeway rebuilt by the abandoned railway in Taiwan, is 12 kilometers long. With the amazing scenery along the bikeway, this bikeway is now a popular tourist attraction in Taichung City. You can come here to ride a bike, enjoy the beautiful view leisurely along the Greenway.

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