Ruanpikeng Leisure Agricultural Area

Ruanpikeng Leisure Agricultural Area, a lovely and cozy Hakka village, is a beautiful place with different views in different seasons. First of all, cherry blossoms with multiple layers of pedals cultivated in the mountain city bloom before and after Chinese Lunar New Year, and this period is also the peak harvesting season of the loquat and murcott. Peach, plum, and prune are popular from March to May, and you can see pear blossoms and peach blossoms throughout the mountain from March to April. June to September will be the season for high-grafting sand pear, and red persimmon appears near autumn. When the weather is getting cool, its the season for sweet persimmon, Japanese persimmon Kaki, and tangerine. When visitors come at the end of November, they can see the trees with a lot of red persimmons which decorate this small mountain city as a beautiful view. Many local attractions are wonderful for visiting, for example, Tiangong temple, the first stop while entering this area. The ladder trail after the temple is also the favorite place for many visitors. Walking in the area, you can pick sweet peach and persimmon in Abola tourist farm or experience dyeing the plants at Shuliang station. The waterfront park nearby is suitable for the family members to play with water and have leisure activities together. Every year visitors can watch dragonflies in the reproductive area in the spring and enjoy river tracing in Ryanpikeng in the summer.

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