Theme area

■Seedling performance

The image of “blessed seedlings from baby delivery stork” in the Seedling Story House delivers the message that the role of seedling industry is like the “baby delivery stork”. Its task is to deliver healthy seedlings to farmers in order to produce delicious and yummy produces. The exhibition hall is equipped with abundant knowledge feast and interactive experience and it also establishes an agricultural skill development presentation themed as when “capricious” climate encounters “tough” agriculture outside the exhibition hall for the public to view the developed agricultural skills at the moment in order to resist the impact caused by climate change.

Seedling Story House

The image of “blessed seedlings from baby delivery stork” in the Seedling Story House delivers the message that the role of seedling industry is like the “baby delivery stork”. Its task is to deliver healthy seedlings to farmers in order to produce delicious and yummy produces and beautiful flowers to be eaten and used to beautify the living space by the public. The content of the exhibition includes happy and healthy dining table in the theme landscape area, guess who in the knowledge area, number one Taiwan seedlings in technique area, and producing blessed seedlings in the industrial area. Everyone is invited to participate in the knowledge feast of seedlings.

Presentation of agricultural skill development that responds to the climate change

When “capricious” climate encounters “tough” agriculture/ irreversible climate so overturn agricultural resistance

The climate change this year has caused the crop failure on lychee, red date, persimmon, and peach. Based on the issue, the seedling field also demonstrates the performance of developed weather-resistance variety, cultivation skills and facility application at the moment as well as proposes the key development items in the future and share with visitors.

Special exhibition in Kinmen

The agricultural development in Kinmen County is closely related to Taiwan Seed Improvement and Propagation Station, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan. The growing area of sorghum in the island every year is around 2,000 hectares. All of the sorghum seedlings are provided by the seed propagation station. Moreover, the field supervision on other crops, like wheat, vegetable and fruit, has been supported for a long time in order to further promote the flourishing development on the special local products like gong candy (peanut candy) and Moghania root. Through the activities of Sea of Flowers, the performance of industrial development in the past years is demonstrated.

■Young farmer area

Young farmers are the important driving force for the agricultural development in our country. In order to close the gap between consumers and young farmers, the members at Younger Farmer Association are specially invited this year to bring in multiple produces that are most fresh from the place of origin, including mushroom, passion fruit, honey, sugar cane, tangerine, and camellia oil. Besides, there are also surprising and funny agricultural tourism and farming DIY at the booth to invite visitors to experience in person and take away the happy memory.

Grandpa’s Farm

Young farmer Chiang Chia-Wei, who is from Ruanbikeng Agricultural Area in Dongshi, Taichung, grows blueberry, oil-seed camellia tree, and short-term vegetables and fruits in his own home and they are safe, friendly, and toxic-free. Grandpa’s Leisure Farm is legally established by the entrance of Ruanbikeng Agricultural Area to provide farming and food agriculture experience as well as hold various DIY activities. The open area in the farm is around 2975.4 square meters and it is suitable for one day trip for family and group. Come and eat local food, play with local experience, and buy local produces!

Hsu’s Mushroom x food-sharing baking

Hsu’s Mushroom was established in 1996 and is specialized in cultivating and growing mushroom. They implement professional ancient drying skill and have very high requirement on the quality of dryness in mushroom. The supply of winter mushroom for Chinese New Year every year is always in great demand. The baking expert that is held up by agriculture- food-sharing baking; A-Chang who grew up in the mushroom farm always failed to forget about the joy of kneading the dough while he was busy for farming. However, his parents have always hoped that he can take over the farm someday. He was finally able to make his own decision to be an apprentice at the baking shop when he studied outside his hometown. After completing his apprenticeship, he established food-sharing and baking workshop to fulfill his dream.

Lihui Mushroom Farm

Lihui Mushroom Farm, an old farm that has been passed on for three generations, is located in Xinshe, Taichung. Its altitude height is around 500 meters and belongs to the landform of river terrace with huge temperature difference between day and night as well as with high humidity. It is the most suitable environment for the growth of mushroom. After the third-generation returns to the hometown to take over the business, we added traceability on our products in 2011 in response to the safety of agricultural safety and the implementation of sustainable agriculture. Moreover, we comply with agricultural policy and apply for production traceability barcode. In the recent past years, we start to send our products for testing autonomous to confirm no pesticide residue on the product so that consumers can feel free and ease to eat good local produces. We also received awards in the mushroom evaluation competition in consecutive several years; our mushroom is with stable quality and received recognition. Storage method: It is suggested to use Ziploc bags and sealed containers for storage to block out air. It should be stored in ventilation and dark area or in the fridge. Please finish it as soon as possible after unsealing.

Security certificate: ❶ Traceability ❷ No pesticide residue is found.

Fengyao Farm (passion fruit)

Crops: passion fruit, passion fruit seedling, and mountain vegetable. Product characteristics: It is managed with reasonable fertilizer species and contains unique fragrance; vegetative cultivation.

Wen Farm

After joining the list of young farmers in Taichung City, Ma Wen who is not graduated from agriculture related department participates in the seminar, training course and conference related to agriculture held by agricultural administration to enhance her professional knowledge in agricultural cultivation management. In 2016,  she joined Taichung City Youth Participation in Farming and Succession Program; in 2017, she applied for farm apprentice hosted by Agriculture and Food Agency; in 2018, she was selected to represent Taiwan visiting IFYE in Thailand and award excellent award at Women Creative Idea Competition. Currently, she is implementing the principles of putting original ecology protection as priority and pursuing co-existence between human beings and nature in terms of agriculture. She carries out the growing method of the intention of eating without worries for her own family. All products will be submitted for autonomous testing with the anticipation of the same safe and delicious food shared by consumers and her own family.

Fengshousheng Bee Farm

Insisting 100% natural bee-related products without any additive, the Bee Farm will definitely not use any imported product to serve as their own products. The product is supplied with SGS testing report to make sure healthy and safe eating for the public.

Taichung City Taping District Young Farmer Association

Sugar can is the most natural sugar while sugar cane juice is the best drink to warm us up in the cold winter and to cool us down in the hot summer. Cold sugar cane juice is with cold characteristics and is good for reducing the internal heat in the body; hot sugar cane is with warm characteristics and is good for warming out stomach and protecting bronchus. Sugar cane itself contains abundant iron that human body needs.

Younger farmers in Fengyuan

With the verification by traceability and strict fertilizer management, organic materials are used for plant disease and pest control. Tangerines are grown with the attentive and strict attitudes! Moreover, extended products with tangerines are developed creatively, including bitter orange tea, tangerine jam, tangerine vinegar, tangerine sweet, pickled tangerine, and candied tangerine fruit.

Wufeng District Farmers’ Association Special Crop Agricultural Production and Marketing Group I

Saponin extracted from the fruits of plants is used to replace cleaning materials that are made in current petrochemical industry. It can also be used as natural control materials on crops to make the environment and our life healthier and cleaner.

Tianleng Market (Taichung City Dongshi District Ruanbikeng Recreational Industry Development Association)

Tianleng Market located at Ruanbikeng Leisure Agricultural Area in Dongshi District Taichung City is the good place for visitors to buy fresh fruits. You can find the fresh fruits that are grown by the lady boss in person here and it provides the best choice for visitors. There are delicious tangerines or green vegetables as well as refreshing sweet lemon. Visitors can be satisfied with their interests in a variety of vegetables and fruits. Welcome to visit Ruanbikeng Leisure Agricultural Area to experience local interesting activities and beautiful scenery before visiting Tianleng Market to buy soe fresh souvenir back home!

■Industrial linkage

It is expected visitors are able to know local Xinshe area and mountains surrounded through the activities of Sea of Flowers. This year, we invite Ruanbikeng and Malipu Leisure Agricultural Areas locally from Xinshe, Shinshe District Recreational Farming Guidance and Development Committee, Pears Homeland Leisure Agricultural Area from Dongshi, and each community development association in Xinshe to exhibit local featured produces and humanistic culture. It is also the season for flourishing camellia, local camellia farmers also participate in the event. Visitors not only can appreciate the sea of flowers but also know more about “Xinshe”, the beautiful town that nurtures the sea of flowers.

Agricultural renaissance in Xinshe Senior High School

It is a presentation including the introduction of Xinshe Senior High School, development of each department, cooperation status of Agricultural Department in Xinshe Senior High School and seedling fields, performance of students’ multiple learning, students’ participation in various competitions, and students’ continuing studying.

Let’s go and enjoy the fun of exploring forests!

More than 60% of Taiwan is covered by forests and the eating, clothing, living, transportation, education, and recreation in our daily life are closely related to forests. It is everybody’s rights to protect forests and get along with forests peacefully. Through the series of games in the activity of “Let’s go and enjoy the fun of exploring forests”, we guide everyone to find out what animals live in forests, to pay attention on the notice of walking around in forests, what we can do when encountering the damage in forests, and how we can be friendly to our forest neighbors in our daily life. Now, let’s go and enjoy the fun of exploring forests! 9:00 to 16:00 every day.

Farm villages demonstrate flowers/ action of water and soil conservation

At the booth of Soil and Water Conservation Bureau, Taichung Branch, a series of activities are held to let the public understand the business content and relevant knowledge of soil and water conservation and rural rejuvenation as well as the excellent produces from the joint brand established for farm villages, Shan-Shou-Hsien, that is supervised by the bureau. Partners from communities at farm villages are invited to join the event so that the public can experience the warm human touch at farm villages.

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