Entering its 14th year, “Xinshe Flower Sea” adopts the theme of “Flower Sea of Happiness, Slow Living in the Mountain City, Travelling along Provincial Highway 3” for this year, and combines with the eye-catching “Taichung International Flower Carpet Festival” and “Central Taiwan Agriculture Expo.” The exhibition area will echo the theme to convey enthusiasm and romance via the large-sized flower sea with gradient color change. There will also be an “Edible Landscape Area” with colorful hues that embodies the concept of food and agriculture. Furthermore, there are four themes organized in the exhibition area. The “Seedling Achievement” has the seedling story house named “The White Stork’s Merry Seeds” as well as the agricultural technology R&D achievement exhibition regarding the collision between the “headstrong” weather and the “tough” agriculture. The “Fresh Agriculture Zone” has the freshest local agriculture products and farming experiences. The popular “Jinmen Specialties” with rich content and the brilliant “Industrial Connection” with diversity will feast people’s eyes and allow people to bring back agricultural and specialty products that are full of joyfulness! Enjoy the local scenery of the mountain city and experience the happiness of slow living in the mountain city.

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