Choutengkeng Leisure Agricultural Area

Choutengkeng Leisure Agricultural Area, where Zhonghe Village in Xinshe District is the center, is the most beautiful place in Xinshe District. Because of the shape of mountain valley, the hills stretching over in this area are changeable. The area is located near the Dajia River and the Choutengkeng River is also running through it; therefore, it is a wonderful place with hills, river, forest, beautiful scenery, and abundant ecological resources. After being upgraded to a municipality, Xinshe, a place near Taichung City Center, is able to develop “urban agriculture.” In order to develop leisure agriculture and satisfy the need of residents, this area efficiently uses agriculture and rural village resources to design activities for visitors to experience agriculture, nature, landscape, and rural culture. Currently leisure industry can be seen in this area like leisure farms and hostels operating for visitors to enjoy fruit picking and experience a historic and cultural tour of Baileng Stream, which has been using for irrigating crops. This area is now the most popular place for tourism in Xinshe District. Choutengkeng Leisure Agricultural Area consists of abundant and different agricultural products every year. In addition to the famous mushroom and white bitter gourd, this area also cultivates different and high-qualified fruits like high-grafting sand pear, peach, prune, plum, ponkan, tankan, murcott, and sweet persimmon. Also, there are a variety of flowers in this area, for example, cherry blossoms, peach blossoms, prune blossoms, tung blossoms, plum blossoms, ginger lily, osmanthus, and orange daylily. When visitors come here to taste our special products, we hope they can also enjoy watching lovely and amazing flowers in different seasons. Situated in the mountain area, many insects can be seen in Choutengkeng Leisure Agricultural Area, especially dragonflies that attract visitors most. During these years, we strive to promote the reproduction of dragonflies, which turn to be the most valuable ecological resource in this area. Because the Choutengkeng River and the Anyingkeng River are flowing into this area and bringing enough water resources, the trees and forest in this area can be well preserved with abundant natural resources. Every year from April to May, as the season for dragonflies, you can see the great amount of dragonflies flying at night as the light shining over the ground. Thus, it is the most crucial and attractive view in this area. We also organize the activity of dragonflies every year for visitors, which is also one of the most important events in this area. In order to promote the ecological conservation, we cultivate Formosan Ash, the plant that rhinoceros beetles love most, and we also organize a suitable place for reproducing rhinoceros beetles, and successfully increase the numbers of rhinoceros beetles in this area as another valuable natural resource.

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