Toubiankeng Leisure Agricultural Area

Based on agriculture with abundant products, natural scenery and resources for leisure tourism, Toubiankeng Leisure Agricultural Area, which is famous for local fruits, transforms itself entirely for better development. On the one hand, the architecture of original rural village is remained; on the other hand, new facilities for leisure tourism are provided. Specialty goods exhibition center, leisure farm, and hostel are included to assist farmers to increase their advantages for better leisure tourism. It only takes 40 minutes by car from Taichung City Center to this place. All visitors can come here to enjoy the pleasure with mountain, forest, tourist farm, waterfall, flying butterflies, and singing birds. They can also overlook Taichung City Center and the Taiwan Strait from here. Accompanied by dragonflies, this area is a quiet and comfortable place to relax in the evening. Considered as “Yangmingshan” in Central Taiwan, Toubiankeng Leisure Agricultural Area is a fantastic place consisting of the mountain and the river as the beautiful scenery. Located near the source of the Dali River and close to the forest with phytoncide, this place has a lot of natural resources and a variety of agricultural products. Loquat, longan, litchi, and banana are the four main fruits cultivated in this area, and loquat here is the most highly qualified product in Taiwan. Many promotional activities are frequently held in this area, for example, Taiping Loquat Festival and Litchi Festival. Furthermore, Jiutong Mountain, Xiannu Waterfall and loquat of Dahutong are also very popular in this area. There are getting more and more coffee shops, hostels, restaurants, tourist farms, and leisure agricultural farms in this area. The transportation is also convenient; therefore, many visitors love to come here on the weekends or holidays to enjoy the beautiful scenery, staying for a few days, or tasting delicious food. We welcome all visitors to be here and experience this well-organized leisure agricultural area on the weekends or holidays.

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