Ma Li Pu Leisure Agriculture Area

Malipu Leisure Agricultural Area

Located in Xinshe District and close to Taichung City Center, Shigang, Fengyuan, and Guguan, Malipu Leisure Agriculture Area is well and comfortable placed with an average yearly temperature 22°C. Xinshe District, which has been promoted and developed by many directors, is now a new tourist attraction in Taichung City. In Xinshe, seven main traveling routes are provided for visitors to find tourists attractions easily. They can simply watch the different colors on the utility poles to know which route they are on. These seven colors also represent different features of local hostels and restaurants: purple means romance, red means passion, yellow means tenderness, green means ease, pink means delicacy, blue means depth, and brown means leisure. Visitors can go to different routes for sightseeing according what they want to experience. When we mention Xinshe, most people think about its popular agricultural products like mushroom and grape. Due to the promotion of leisure agriculture in these years, traditional agriculture has been transformed to follow this trend. Cooperated with hostels, many farmhouses also organize and plan touring routes for visitors. Some restaurants use local agricultural products to cook new and delicious dishes, which not only attract more customers but also increase the value of the products, stimulating the economy. Come and enjoy the rural scenery, and you shall not miss this wonderful place.

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