Taichung International Flower Carpet Festival


Main flower carpet- rose planet

“Perhaps there are five thousand flowers in the world exactly like you, but only you are my unique rose.”

The Little Prince travels to different parts of the world and comes back to the planet with great harvest. He kisses the rose on the top that symbolizes love and hopes while the airplane and the fox surrounding him around joyfully for celebration.

■Main flower carpet show: 09:00-16:00/ performance on each hour.


”My king, can you command the sun setting down?”

The King waves his scepter on the throne, and it looks like the King holds all the power. The Little Prince cannot comprehend why the King adheres to the power he regards.


Material businessman

“I possess stars because no one before me has ever thought of possessing them.”

The businessman immerses himself counting the numbers and stars before his eyes for the whole day. The only thing he can think of is possession but he has never contributed to the beauty of stars. Instead, he is persistent in the things that might not belong to him.


Saying goodbye to the flower wall again

Finally, it is the time to say goodbye. The Little Prince stands on the high wall and talks to the snake. He reluctantly says goodbye to the earth and is ready to go back to his planet.


Finding back your original intention

“Man can only see the truth by heart; the truth is not able to be seen only with your eyes.”

People from different planets experience their travelling and arrive at the special place in Taichung to appreciate the beauty of sunset with the Little Prince.


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